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Dalia Garcia

Artist Statement

For me, bold and vibrant colors are an emotional synonym for happiness and exhilaration. Coming from a Latin background, of course I love color! I use them to create an easy, yet energetic, vibe in my acrylic paintings. Combining that with my passion for music, dance and travel, my dream world comes to life. My images are born from that love, and I explore the emotion they produce in me. I’m not trying to perfectly represent the subject matter, I’m in the pursuit of capturing the movement, spirt and sound of it. Painting the action of excitement and whimsical joy, combining it with a calming influence to celebrate a good feeling. We are bombarded all day long with news and information. I choose to unplug, live in the now, and focus on the serenity of positive energy. Each canvas a stage, presenting a show in full color!


Dalia Garcia is an American bilingual, visual artist, singer/songwriter and actress. She is a graduate of the University of South Carolina, with a Bachelor of Arts in Art Studio, and a former Miss South Carolina. She grew up in a U.S. Military family. At an early age she lived in Madrid, Spain and traveled throughout Europe for seven years. There, she was exposed to the great masters: Velázquez, Goya, Picasso, Van Gogh and many more. Europe was her first art class. Dalia's family then moved to Irmo, South Carolina where she graduated High School. There, she won the Gold Key Award in Art. In college, she studied art during the day and sang in a band at night. After graduation, she landed a permanent spot with international singer Julio Iglesias. For 8 years she traveled the world, sang back up, as well as the duet "All of You" with him nightly. Dalia signed a record deal with Universal Music and released the Spanish album, “Resandole A Dios”. Living in Nashville, she is a member of the music duo Garcia and Scott, they have released two albums to date. When not on the road, she takes every opportunity to paint. She has sold paintings and painted murals for private clients around the U.S. Her recent paintings are inspired by her artwork for Garcia and Scott’s second album, “Down in Jimmy’s Basement."

Dalia The Musician

Dalia is also half of the Nashville-based acoustic music duo, Garcia and Scott.

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